It's time for some new shop storage

by Mark Hochstein

I have one corner in my shop that had become the junk pile. It was a corner under the stairs that go up to the attic of my shop where things had just begun to pile up. I had a plastic shelving unit that had so much stuff on it that I couldn't seem to grab something without knocking something else off. I had stacks of cans of finish on the floor along with moving blankets, painting supplies and a bunch of other junk. Something had to change. One day I had a brainstorm that I could significantly incease my storage capacity and organization if I made carts that would roll back in towards the wall. After mulling over several designs I decided to start with four carts. The shortest two have full depth shelves for storing deeper objects and the tallest two have a vertical divider roughly down the middle of the cart providing shallow shelves on both sides of the cart. I've essentially filled these carts already, but I've still got room for a few more!

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