Trestle Table Base is Almost Complete

by Mark Hochstein

I'm on vacation from work this week so I've been able to get quite a few hours of work in the shop. The base for this table is from a big maple tree my next door neighbor had cut down to put a pool in. I cut mortise and tenon joints for the leg-to-foot joint, which I will also draw-bore, and a notched bridle joint for leg-to-brace joint.

2012-06-20 10.26.18.jpg
2012-06-20 11.54.26.jpg

After that I cut the mortise for the stretcher and then tenoned the stretcher to fit. The ends are all glued up. Now I have to chamfer all the edges, scrape everything and glue up the stretcher to the ends and peg it.

2012-06-21 20.51.19.jpg

Hopefully I'll be able to finish the base today and prepare it for paint.

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